Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics begin with much fanfare

Despite boycott & COVID pandemic fears China, which used its first Olympics to amplify its international aspirations, invited the world back on Friday sort of for the pandemic era’s second Games, this time as an emboldened and more powerful nation whose government’s authoritarian turn provoked some countries’ leaders into staying home. Chinese President Xi Jinping […]

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Humble sportspersons make India proud at Tokyo Olympics

The recently concluded Tokyo Olympic Games was a living testimony of human endeavour against odds.  The world-wide prevalent COVID-19 Pandemic posed problem of Himalayan magnitude to the organizers.  The organizers despite warning from health authorities went ahead and organized the games on grand scale. Ever since the inception of the Olympic Games, the sportsmen from […]

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England first Olympic cricket champion in 1900 It is widely believed that the English Missionaries landed all over the world with the Bible in one hand and a bat in the other. The Bible was to acquaint people with the teachings of the Lord and the bat to play cricket and win friends among the […]